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Canopy joins the collection of Tetra Hotel Silicon Valley

The new Sunnyvale, CA hotel has "Minimal design, touches of technology, and organic elements intertwine to create an environment of refined tranquility and balance."

Canopy hangs in the entrance, between the reception desk and lounge, welcoming guests with its organic, meditative tranquility.

All images courtesy @tetraslv

Canopy at Grand Central Art Center

Click here for more information.

Canopy will be opening November, 2 and on view until February 16.

Check out concurrent shows by Martin Durazo and Chris Kallmyer.

Grand Centra Art Center is located at CSU Fullerton in Santa Ana, CA

125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701 

Museum Adjacent show at Finishing Concepts

Opening September 21, 2019

Blind Courier Reviewed in Art and Cake

Click here to read the entire review by Constance Mallinson.

"A lovely reminder that contact with nature is available in the city is Sharon Levy’s “Canopy”, an overhead mobile constructed of wooden dowels and handmade translucent green paper leaves. Gently swaying in the gallery’s air currents it mesmerizes and calms, promoting meditation on the importance of nature’s beauty and air cleansing powers. While not overtly stating the tensions between the green world and the one humans have wrought, Levy’s reverence for nature’s balm on a stressed humanity brings to mind eco-writer Gretel Ehrlich’s statement that “We humans do not save beauty; rather beauty saves us.” Like Baker, Levy implies city spaces need to be mindful of plant and animal communities. In light of climate change, this attitude might be bound to species survival."

Blind Courier at Brand Library and Art Center (Glendale, CA)

Opening June 29, 2019 from 6-9 pm
June 29, 2019 - August 23, 2019
Curated by Hilary Baker and Lauren Kasmer

Robert Aull | Hilary Baker | Lauren Kasmer | Sharon Levy | Diane Meyer
Minoru Ohira | Osceola Refetoff | Samuel Scharf | Andrew West

“The city is a blind courier. It brings nothing. It takes nothing.” – Norman Klein
Blind Courier takes the idea of the city as a passive entity and turns it on its head. Nine Los Angeles area artists offer a compelling mix of work that reveals their relationship to a place. By documenting, redefining and re-envisioning dwellings, neighborhoods and landmarks the artists have shaped their own surroundings. Blind Courier is the map that invites the viewer to meander through their individual environments.

Feature in VoyageLA magazine

Check out this great profile where I talk about my history, what I'm working on, and my thoughts about being an artist in Los Angeles.

Member of 2019 TAM Forum at Torrance Art Museum

FORUM is a 10-month mentorship/residency/cohort program for emerging artists to build a career in the visual arts. This empowering program is designed as a practical guide to navigating the art world via Q&A sessions with successful professionals (artists, curators, critics and gallerists), culminating with an exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum.

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