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From The Poetics of Place: Blind Courier at The Brand Library and Art Center by Constance Mallinson in Art&Cake

"A lovely reminder that contact with nature is available in the city is Sharon Levy’s “Canopy”, an overhead mobile constructed of wooden dowels and handmade translucent green paper leaves. Gently swaying in the gallery’s air currents it mesmerizes and calms, promoting meditation on the importance of nature’s beauty and air cleansing powers. While not overtly stating the tensions between the green world and the one humans have wrought, Levy’s reverence for nature’s balm on a stressed humanity brings to mind eco-writer Gretel Ehrlich’s statement that “We humans do not save beauty; rather beauty saves us.” Like Baker, Levy implies city spaces need to be mindful of plant and animal communities. In light of climate change, this attitude might be bound to species survival."

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